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Assessment products 2024

TalentMove is a psychological consulting firm founded in 2009. We are a small team with passionate psychologists. We are passionate about using effective assessments for pathways that really help you! We are here for you to discover and develop your talents.

What kinds of pathways do we offer?

  • Career/study and vocational advice
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Competency development
  • Team analysis
  • Cognitive Capacity Analysis (intelligence tests)
  • Management Potential Development
We help deploy your competencies in appropriate positions and corporate cultures. We are certified for various assessment instruments for example the Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA). The TMA is an effective, qualitative and objective online psychological assessment. The TMA consists of thorough and validated personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests. Completion of the questionnaires takes place digitally. The ability analysis or CAPA is also part of the TMA toolkit. Capability analyses or IQ tests measure general cognitive intelligence. Cognitive assessments consist of verbal, numerical, abstract and logical tests.

In addition to competencies and talents, motivational drivers are important. We measure this online with the Profile Dynamics® Analysis (PD) which provides insight into the underlying value systems that people use and largely determine their thinking and behavior. In PD, each value driver has a color with qualities, but also pitfalls. The color also needs its own environment to flourish fully. Please note that in Profile Dynamics® Analysis you will never fully recognize yourself in one color typing. Every person is unique and it is the combination of the colors that draws your motivation. Therefore, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ PD profiles.
Sometimes it is necessary to look deeper into the work personality. For that, we are certified to use the Golden Personality Profiler (GPP) is an online psychological testing tool that focuses on capturing personality profiles. Based on the theories of C.G. Jung, the GPP measures individual preferences in perception and judgment. This self-assessment instrument has proven its value in coaching, group work and various professional contexts. It includes 10 global scales, such as Extraversion & Introversion, Thinking & Feeling, and Organizing & Adapting. In addition, it measures 36 facets related to these global scales.

The GPP is suitable for individuals, teams and organizations. It helps with leadership development, team building, stress management, career planning and conflict resolution. The GPP promotes conscious self-reflection and helps recognize typical behavioral patterns. It contributes to a better understanding of personal development and how to manage it.

We also help companies to identify management potential using the Watson Glaser III. In today’s rapidly changing and complex world, Critical Thinking is one of the most important skills. The Watson Glaser III was developed to provide a quick, consistent and accurate picture of employees’ (management) potential for critical thinking. The test is designed to provide a quick, consistent and accurate measurement of the ability to: Analyze, reason, interpret and draw logical conclusions from written information.

In addition, we use the RANRA (Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal) which goes beyond measuring simple numerical skills. This renowned instrument then effectively measures mental capacity to understand complex numerical and quantitative concepts.

The RANRA uses numerical reasoning to test critical thinking skills, as opposed to other numerical reasoning skills. The RANRA looks at skills around problem solving and decision-making, deduction and analysis. The questions are designed to test a wide range of numerical skills, from basic math skills to more complex problem-solving skills.

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