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Adjusting and coaching an employee is fairly straightforward. Adjusting and coaching a team requires more. How do you actually coach a Team? Team Coaching is actually something of all times. Exchange and optimum use of knowledge is very important. To achieve the common business goal, it is therefore important to always get the best out of people. Not only in individual terms, but especially in the context of a team. Strong teams directly contribute to the competitive position of companies. It is precisely in this time of change, co-creation and demand for flexibility that we must pay more attention to strengthening cooperation within teams through Team Coaching. Stimulating good collaboration and communication in a team through Team Coaching contributes to successful business operations!

By sending teams to a training, companies expect to get better teams. Every year a lot is spent on expensive team training. Yet often only a small part of the training remains. Let alone applied in practice. The training is a one-off event. A nice outing where “the clocks are set again”. After the training, each team member often goes back to the issues of the day …

Team Coaching gives positive measurable changes!

TeamCoaching Profile DynamicsWant to get more return from your Team? Profile Dynamics® gives your team insights into each other’s strengths but also pitfalls. New behavior is learned faster and applied more often in daily practice. Profile Dynamics® personally sets every team member in motion. A movement that doesn’t stop. Result: better communication, collaboration, more energy and a successful organization!


More return from your Team

Get each team member moving personally

Better communication

Better cooperation

More energy

A successful organization!

A team is a group of people who pursue a common goal. This requires collaboration alongside individual talent. The team interest must match the motivation of the individual team members, but that is not sufficient. Team members must feel jointly responsible and responsible for the result. And there must be agreement on how to achieve success. This is to prevent that each team member gets to work in his own way.

PD schemaA mutual goal and a shared vision about the approach is what actually binds a team. In this playing field of factors, a crucial role is reserved for the Manager or Team Leader who provides the team with coaching. A growing number of them make successful use of the Profile Dynamics® method.

Friction within Teams gives negative performance! The need for companies to have a better grip on negative team performance will only increase. Increasing flexibility requires new methods to gain insight into the motives of teams. There is less common time to get to know each other well than in the traditional office routine!

Frictions within Teams block an equal collaboration which is important for an optimal process and team result. Commonness, motivation, dialogue, openness and trust are important factors in team collaboration. Knowledge of everyone’s motives support this.

Frictions within Teams can be effectively resolved with PD by making a thorough analysis of the motivations of each team member. It provides added value when getting to know each other’s motives, strengths and weaknesses, when sharing tasks and getting to know each other’s “instructions for use”. In addition, employees have different needs when it comes to management and flexibility is not equally suitable for everyone.

With PD, friction within Teams is a thing of the past! With insight into the motivations of team members, you have a powerful tool in your hands as a Team Leader or Manager! An instrument for more customization and better tools for coaching and facilitating your team. In addition, new forms of cooperation, such as co-creation, are developing that are needed for solving complex issues and realizing changes.

Profile DynamicsProfile Dynamics® is a powerful tool and provides insight into what values ​​or motivations people use in their work and what they prefer in areas such as function and tasks, cooperation, change and leadership (expression). It also indicates what and which environment definitely does not suit them! (resistance).


In addition to the personal analyzes of each team member, the Team Profile is visualized and mutual relationships are clearly displayed. This provides understanding and insight into each other’s motives.

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Team Coaching through the Profile Dynamics® is eminently suitable for optimizing team collaboration and increasing Team Performance.

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