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Why an Assessment?

Do you see a reorganization coming your way? Do you feel you are standing still or do you want to have a great job? Go for it! What do you want, what can you do … do you already know? A Development Assessment tells you more. Discover your talent and the job that matches your qualities!

Or is that job already within reach and you only have to do an assessment? Exciting! We are happy to help you practice and prepare the Selection Assessment. Finally you know how it works, you are stronger and you are ahead of your competitors.

In a development assessment we look together at what gives you energy. What talents do you have and how can you further develop them? We coach you specifically during the assessment. Afterwards you will also receive a personal and clear report with development advice to help you even further.

An assessment is often part of the final phase of an application process. For many companies it is a useful tool to test your suitability for a position. What you show is compared to the job requirements and compared with other candidates. This is followed by a recommendation. If this is positive, then you have the job. So a lot depends on an assessment, because the company takes the result extremely seriously. That is why it is smart to prepare well. Sometimes the selection and development assessment are combined.

An assessment consists of:

Interview with a psychologist

Cognitive Capacity Tests

Personality questionnaires

Drivers Analysis (optionall)

Practical simulations (role playing)

Mailbox exercise (optional)

Do you have an assessment soon? Preparing yourself for this is good advice, because even now the following applies: Practice makes perfect! It gives you a good head start on someone who also wants that nice job. Or imagine the other way around: you have no experience with Assessments and the other applicant does…

You can practice an Assessment for a specific position. You immediately know what to expect and that is important: you are more relaxed and this increases the chance that you will perform better. Stay close to yourself during an assessment. Be yoursel durin an assessment because psychologists can easily see through you.

You practice all parts of an assessment. This not only gives you experience, but also new insights into your abilities and talents.

Central during the assessment:

What do you want?

What can you do?

Who are you?

What do you do?

Psychologists want to find out whether you fit into the position and whether you meet the criteria set. For them it is important to be able to properly predict whether you want to be as expected in the position and specific working environment. In other words: are you going to succeed or fail?

After the assessment you will receive an interview and view the report. This is an important moment because you can learn from it. In the case of a negative recommendation, it is important to elaborate on the how and why of the results. After this discussion, the report will be forwarded with advice with your approval.

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