Give your talents space …
… And let them shine!

“My workday always looks the same – I have enough challenge in my work – I don’t grow, I don’t learn anything new – All those deadlines, I can’t manage them anymore – Iand my boss knows that I miss knowledge and skills – I feel that I am not meeting expectations – My work costs me too much energy – I don’t even know how to proceed and what I actually want – Everyone goes beyond my limits … “


Is this your “Life Changing Moment”?

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above statements? Do you feel that something really needs to change, but you don’t know what? This might be your “Life Changing Moment”! Let your talents shine again. Consider professional support from a Career Coach. Many organizations use this. Ask your employer about the possibilities.

Career Coaching helps you to gain insight into what is going well in your work and how you can improve it further. You also get insights into what you can improve to do things differently. Gaining insight is the first step towards self-development and growth. Motivation and energy to develop further and having a clear learning goal are important. What is your ambition? Where do you get energy from and where do you leak energy? What challenges do you need and what are you heading for? Career Coaching helps you to get these things more focused. You experience that you can be successful in your job with your skills and talents, but you can also make choices that lead to a career that suits you specifically!

You may also feel that you have grown or that the current context is not the ideal working environment for you. If this is or becomes the question, we will not only look at you as a unique person with motivations and talents. We therefore explicitly look at the types of functions / professions, work environments and organizations that best suit you. Through specific tests and interviews, it becomes increasingly clear to you which professions and work environments suit you.

A Career Coach helps you achieve your goals within the goals of the company where you work. Career Coaching reduces negative stress. You gain insights and learn skills in dealing effectively with difficult work situations. With targeted feedback, your Coach makes you aware of your pitfalls and behavior that is not effective. With Career Coaching you get new insights and you develop new skills in a personal but intensive way. Because you enter into intensive cooperation with each other, it is important that you feel a click with your Career Coach who is your mirror and actively supports you. Don’t expect your Career Coach to actively take charge. The only one who knows what’s good for you … are you ultimately yourself. Your Career Coach helps you!

The Career Coach identifies with you where you currently stand in your career. We also ask your employer for input. Coordinating expectations prevents later uncertainty. Measuring is knowing. Using effective tests, we map out your personal energy drivers, competencies and talents to be developed. Important in this is the question where you get energy from? What makes you happy? We work out a course together and determine what you need for further growth. What talents do you have and how can you further develop them? We will provide you with targeted coaching during the process. We teach you to develop yourself in the work context that you are in. New skills to effectively deal with things that have cost you energy in the past.

Because we go into intensive cooperation with each other, it is important that you have a connection with the Career Coach. A good Career Coach does not tell you what or how to do something. He or she supports you but does not make any decisions for you. You can ultimately do that yourself if you know what you actually want. The only person who knows what’s good for you… is you!

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