TMA Assessment

Your talents, motivations and motivation …
… Do the Talents and Motivation Analysis!

TMA stands for Talents and Motivation Analysis. The TMA method consists of an extensive competence analysis (the test measures 22 drivers and 44 talents), Cognitive Capacities (MBO / HBO / WO), Occupational and Activities Interest Analyzes (MBO / HBO) and an Intake.

Based on the combination of the outcomes of these components, an estimate is made for:

Selection and assessment of employees

Study choice trajectories and career choice issues

Reintegration and Retraining programs


Purpose of the TMA Assessment

TMA gives you insight into talents, motivations and thus your motivation. TMA helps people discover and develop their talents so that they become more effective and happier at work.
It gives you insight into which talents and competencies you can further develop. TMA provides insight into the most suitable role, position or work in which you can use your talents.

TMA Competence Matrix

Components TMA Assessment

In addition to the comprehensive competence analysis, the TMA assessment also includes the Cognitive Capacities component (if applicable). By this we mean the innate cognitive abilities. The analysis consists of 5 subtests that must be made within a certain time; logical figurative insight, logical numerical insight, logical language insight, technical insight (if applicable), calculation and checking.

The Intake consists of a number of open questions in which you are asked to write down briefly and concisely what motivates you, what you want to achieve, what gives you energy and what you think are your pitfalls and qualities. This gives the feedback interview more depth.

The professions and activities interest analysis indicates in which sectors and activities someone is interested and who prefers them. The analysis is based on the one hand on the matching approach. The analysis is conducted at Secondary vocational education:



On the Higher Vocational Education:



The TMA Career Advisor is an online mobility tool that helps you to find possible suitable professions. The Career Advisor does this by automatically linking your talents and your personal preferences for professional sectors to potentially suitable professions and vacancies. From a database of the European Union with 6,000+ professions, you get a clear view of all professions that may suit your talents and professional interest.

Preparation & completion of test

You take the TMA Assessment tests online. All TMA parts take approximately 2 hours. The questions consist of statements and behavioral items where you must always choose the one that suits you best. There is no right or wrong, you don’t have to prepare for the test. We discuss the reports during the feedback and coaching session; the results and competences. You will receive the report and an extensive summary by e-mail.